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AUS $9.95 | NZ $15.95

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We accept major credit cards, PayPal and direct deposit. All online payments are secured through our payment providers: Australian based and PayPal.

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Personalised lunch boxes, drink bottles, goggles, dummies and more! Fixed handling/shipping: $9.95 Australia/$15.95 NZ – will be added at check-out

We use the latest technology to personalise/permanently mark anything from baby dummies lunch boxes, drink bottles etc – no more need for texta or stickers that wears off – our marking will never wear off or fade. We are the first and only company in Australia to permanently mark/personalise baby dummies that comply with Australian Safety Standards. We are also very proud to be the only company to permanenently mark/personalise Sistema, Contigo, Mixie and Sili Squeeze products. We only source and sell the best quality products and all are BPA-free. The name of the child will be permanently marked on the product, and no matter how much you sterilise, dish-washer etc it will not wear off or fade.
Note: Goggles and usb-sticks are not BPA-free.

How does it work?

Simply choose a product on this website, tell us what name or message (maybe allergies etc) you would like marked on it, and then place your order. We promise a max 5 business days turn around time from you put in your order till it is marked and on its way to you