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Wrap’d – reusable lunch wrap holder container


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Wrap’d – reusable lunch wrap holder container

Wrap’s is a reusable holder to send wraps to school – non-spill and easy to use

I have struggled with sending wraps to school for my kids as they often have un-rolled by lunch time in their lunch box – so excited to stock this clever thing.

The Wrap’d is a wrap holder/container which holds and keep a full wrap fresh until lunch time – then slowly unfold it just like a banana as you eat the wrap. Because you can unfold it as you go/eat it, it is a mess free way of eating wraps

Make the wraps by folding up the bottom part before you fold in the sides of the wrap then put it in the Wrap’d and “click” the sides together and ready to go in the school bag and will keep it fresh until lunch time – and easy to close up and “click” together if only eat half and want to keep it to second break.

And remember the kids to close it up when they are finished so any small little crumbs etc stays inside the Wrap’d until ready to clean it at home.

Perfect for sending wraps, hotdogs, soft tacos, sausage rolls, nori rolls etc

Cleaning – upside down on topshelf dish washer.

See how its works in this youtube clip:

Designed in Australia.

The Wrap’d comes in blue, aqua, pink, purple and sunshine.

BPA-free and made by food safe silicone.

PLEASE NOTE: The Wrap’d will not be personalised.


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Sunshine, Aqua, Blue, Pink, Purple


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