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Value Pack 6


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Value Pack 6 1 medium Fridge to-go bag,1 personalised medium Go Green lunch box, 1 personalised 500ml Contigo Swish bottle, 1 spork and 1 nametag.

Mix and match and save 10% by buying these products in a value pack.

Mix and match the different designs/colours in the fridge to-go lunch bag, medium Go Green lunch boxes, 500ml Contigo Swish bottle, 1 spork and 1 nametag to make up Value Pack 6.
The lunch box fits perfectly into the fridge to-go, but no spare room left.

Value Pack 6 – everything you need for school or work.

Consist of :

1 medium fridge to-go insulated lunch bag

1 personalised medium Go Green lunch box

1 personalised 500ml Contigo Swish

1 spork

1 nametag – to put on zipper of Fridge to-go

Buying all 5 products separately is $126.75 – save 10% buying as a value pack for only $114.10

Please put in comments when you finalising your order what design Fridge to-go and medium Go Green Lunch box and what colour 500ml Contio Swish bottle, spork and nametag – and please check first under each product what design/colour we have available at the moment.

Please Note: Designs/colours on photo is only a suggestion – you can mix and match as you like. 


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