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So Young insulated lunch bag box


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So Young cooler insulated lunch bag box

Funky designs in the So Young cooler insulated lunch bags – perfect for everyone in the family.

We stock 2 different sizes in the So Young bags  all uncoated. The lunch box and the bigger large lunch bag – both sizes comes in a lot of different funky designs.

The bags are uncoated linen on the out-side, which means you can put them in the washing machine or dish washer for a clean.
All the bags got a leak proof insulated loose insert/bag which means any stains etc from food spill inside the bag will not stain the bag – and also easier to share crumbs etc out of the bag.

These lunch bags do not come with a freezer panel – both sizes of the freezer panels from the Fridge to-go lunch bag fits in these – you can get them here:

PLEASE NOTE: These lunch bags will not be personalised, but you can buy a small round nametag to put on the zipper here:


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Aqua Seahorse, Black Camera, Black Shark, Cherry Blossom, Pixopop Bunny, Pixopop Pishi, Red Poppy, Purple Dandelion, Orange Giraffe, Olive Fox, Pixipop Roses, Blue Bicycle, Grey Moose, No Rain No Flowers, Orange Fox, Orange Pink Peonies, Pathways, Pixipop Bunny, Red Poppy, Red Scooter, Sabet Evergreen, Colourful Graffiti, Embroidered Dolls, Lucky Unicorn, Olive Paper Chevron, Pixipop Phisi Burger


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