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Oasis Borosilicate glass eco reusable coffee cup




Oasis Borosilicate glass eco reusable coffee cup

The Oasis coffee cup in glass is the perfect cup to get your take away coffee in.

Do you prefer glass to plastic and stainless steel for your coffee? Then this new Oasis reusable coffee cup is for you.

They are made of borosilicate glass, so they are heat resistant and got a silicone sleeve so you can hold you cup no matter how hot the coffee is.

The grey lid got a “flip to the side cover” in same colour as the sleeve – this covers the drinking hole when you are not drinking or stopping you from spilling when you carry your take away coffee around.
The small name/text will be permanently marked on lid.

Comes in 3 different sizes – 227ml, 340ml and 454ml and 8 different colours: Pink, Navy, Spearmint, Black, Coral, Powder Blue, Charcoal and Lilac.

Option for another $5 to have a small name/text permanently marked on the lid.

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Black, Pink, Navy, Spearmint, Coral, Charcoal, Powder Blue, Lilac


340ml, 454ml, 227ml


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