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Green Essentials Sustain-a-stacker trio stainless steel luncbox


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Green Essentials Sustain-a-stacker trio stainless steel lunchbox

Looking for a stainless steel lunchbox then the sustain-a-stacker is one all member of the family can use.

The sustain-a-stacker can be used by any member of the family – from kindy to work.
It contains of 3 different compartments which is 2 stackable levels and one oblong container, which fits inside the top/second layer or can be used on its own.
The measurements for the complete set is 18cm x 13cm x 9cm

For an extra $5 get a name/text permanently marked on the lids.

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  1. Tina

    Great solid lunchboxes. My kids have used theirs for about 2 years and they are still in perfect order.
    They can’t fit a huge meal but are suitable for a kids lunch. I like that it separates in 2 layers – that function also makes them great for bringing fruit and biscuits our and about.
    The locking mechanism is firm so the lunchbox won’t get undone in the school bag.

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