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Contigo Ashland Infuser water bottle – 710ml

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Contigo Ashland Infuser water bottle – 710ml

The Infuser is perfect if you like you water with a bit of flavour – just add your favourite fruit etc to the bottom of the bottle and the juice from it will flavour your water.

Reduced to clear as we can’t get this design in stock any more. 

So easy to add some flavour to your water – unscrew the bottom part put any chopped up fruit, veggies etc in, screw back on the bottle and fill with water and maybe icecubes (as the opening is wide enough) and you have have your own creation of flavoured water to sip from the pop up straw.
Leak-proof and got a button lock for an extra piece of mind if you have it in your bag – it also got a clip-on handle so you can attach it to your bag.
Easy one handed drinking – press the button and the straw pops up – press the lid down and the straw is covered and protected again.

For an extra $5 you can get a name/text permanently marked on the flip-up lid for the straw – marking will come up in a greyish colour.

BPA-free bottle

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