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MontiiCo insulated cooler lunch bag


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MontiiCo insulated cooler lunch bag

A Large insulated cooler lunch bag in cool designs

The new MontiiCo insulated lunch bag is one of the bigger ones on the market at the moment.
It fit most lunch boxes except for the big Go Green and the biggest Planet box – all others should fit into the bag, which measures 23.5cm x 28cm x 7.5cm on the inside.
It has a pocket at the bottom of the bag (opens from the outside) which is where the freezing panel goes – this means no condensation on anything inside the bag.

We do not personalise the bags, but you can order a name tag you can add to the zipper here:

It comes with a freezing panel and the full bag incl freezing panel weighs app 700g.



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  1. Natalee

    I love this bag. I wish I’d found it years ago. It’s a little bigger than the fridge to go bag but not so big that it’s cumbersome. In fact, I find the size perfect.

    The ice brick is brilliant too and the fact that it slides right in underneath makes it so easy to get ready when you’re in a rush. Plus, this thing stays frozen for soooo long. I accidentally left my lunch at home the other day and the ice brick was still almost solid after 10 1/2 hours. Another day it was still mostly frozen after 12 hours out.

    I’ll feel a lot more confident putting my kids’ school lunches in this during summer compared to any others I’ve tried.

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