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Little Lunch Box Co Three – leakproof bento lunch box


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Little Lunch Box Co Three – leakproof bento lunch box

The leakproof Bento lunchbox comes with 3 compartments
(1L Bento Three) – option of getting it personalised

With either 2, 3 or 5 leakproof compartments the personalised Little Lunch Box is perfect for sending a variety for food all depending on how you prefer to pack the lunch boxes – and how your child eats.
Due to the seal on the lid it is leak proof between the compartments so safe to send things like watermelon, yoghurt etc in one compartment – more watery stuff like dressing etc is not recommended as it it might spread to other parts of the lunch box.
The Bento Two Snack box (0.5L and 2/3 compartments) comes with a “loose” divider so you can choose to have 4 compartments instead of the 3 “fixed” compartments – it comes in 4 different designs: Unicorn, White Cross, Super Hero and Flamingo.
The Bento Five – (980ml and 5 compartments) comes in 4 different designs: Clouds, Black Cross, Unicorn and Pineapple.
The Bento Three (1L and 3 compartments) comes in 4 different designs: Shield, White Cross, Dinosaur and Flamingo.
Very easy open and closing with only one latch makes it easy for little hands to use – also perfect for someone with low muscle tone.

For an extra $5 you got the option of getting a name/text permanently marked on the lid – great for childcare, school etc
Please note as the marking we do comes up in different colours of grey all depending on the colour of the plastic we mark the marking might come up in a darkish colour on some of the darker lunch boxes – still good to use as identification of which lunch box it belongs to.



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Weight 0.55 kg

Three, Five, Two


Shield, Watermelon, Cloud, Superhero, White Cross, Black Cross, Unicorn, Pineapple, Dinosaur, Flamingo, Blue Glitter – limited edition, Mermaid, Space, Monster, Purple Glitter – limited edition, Superhero Three – limited edition, Llama, Kitty, Snowflake, Shark, Yellow Glitter, Faces, Game On, T-Rex, Magical Unicorn, Fairy, Monster Truck, Grey, Ninja, Paisley, Strawberry


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