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DryBib – the bib that keeps baby skins dry

We are very happy to be selling DryBibs which are some of the best bibs on the market today.  Also available is the BandanaBib, which does not look like a bib, more like a fun and funky scarf and is a smart way of avoiding getting your kids clothes wet when they are dribbling.
Every DryBib and BandanaBib has a thin layer of fleece, which absorbs and disperses all dribbles. The special fleece is ‘air-rated’ so the air lets the moisture evaporate straight away, leaving no wet clothes or saliva rash on the child.
Front of bib is 100% cotton with the back 100% air-rated Polyester fleece. All studs are lead-, and nickel-free.
They are uni-size with 2 studs to adjust to your growing child.
DryBib is proudly “Made in Australia” without using potentially harmful plastic or PVC.

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Pink, Light Blue, White, Denim, monkey Blue, Red


1 bib $11.95, 2 bibs $22.95


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