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Cotton dish kitchen multi cloths by the Danish brand RIC Rikke – FREE SHIPPING


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Reusable colourful cotton dish multi kitchen cloths by the Danish brand RIC Rikke – FREE SHIPPING

These colourful RIC Rikke reusable cotton kitchen cloths can be used all over the home and be washed again and again

RIC reusable kitchen cloths or dish cloths (karklud in danish) are Danish design and I am so excited to be stocking them. After 21 years in Australia I been looking for something similar to what I was used to growing up in Denmark and have not happy about using all the micro cloth etc I could find here. So I was so excited when I found these karklude (dish/kitchen cloth in Danish ;)) and just had to stock them.
I love hearing the feed back in the shop from people who have purchased them and now love them.

So I use them for wiping down benches etc in the kitchen – and I got a selection in different colours, so easy to remember if I used the same colour yesterday or its time for a clean one – and in my house the purple ones are the ones we use cleaning the bathroom, so we know to not use the purple ones in the kitchen.
Know some people are using a cloth for cleaning dishes, so you could use one colour for dishes and another colour for wiping benches etc.
You can use them for anything – dusting (as they are cotton they do not scratch the surface of furniture), use as a face washer, reusable napkin etc – there is no limit.

They are made of 100% knitted organic cotton – incl the thread used for sewing which means the cloth will keep the shape wash after wash.
The dye process cannot be made organic, which is why the cloths are not promoted as organic.

They are produced by hand in Denmark in the most environmental friendly way.

Size: 22cm x 33cm

Can be washed at 95° and its recommended for the first few washes to wash with similar colours or separately. – or give them a good rinse in the sink with hot water before use.





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Off-White, No 01, Black, No 02, Yellow, No 04, Dark Peach, No 05, Red, No 07, Dark Lilac, No 10, Dark Violet, No 11, Medium Blue, No 14, Navy, No 16, Bright Green, No 21, Dark Turquise, No 27, Dark Aqua, No 28, Blue Green, No 29, Light Peach, No 33, Aqua, No 34, Berry, No 35, Old Pink, No 36, Light Orange, No 44, Medium Blue Grey, No 50, Pale Blue, No 52, Medium Olive, No 53, Olive, No 54, Medium Grey, No 55, Medium Turquoise, No 61, Lavender, No 65, Baby Pink, No 66, Baby Blue, No 67, Pale Lemon, No 68, Dark Natural, No 74, Light Teal, No 78, Dark Olive, No 45, Mauve, No 88, Dark Jade, No 56, Fluro Lime, No 47, Dark Red, No 41, White, No 00, Charcoal, No 59, Dark Turquise, No 27, Grey, No 31, Medium Blue Grey, No 50, Medium Blue, No 51, Dark Blue, No 15, Hot Pink, No 06, Cherry, No 08, Pale Olive Green, No 23, Pink, No 30, Dark Mustard, No 60, Medium Blue, No 75, Umbra, No 31, Medium Red, No 42, Light Natural, No 72, Light Grey, No 03


  1. Lone Lawson

    Love love love my new Danish ‘karklude’!! They are just fantastic. I am planning on multiple colours for the kitchen and a separate colour for cleaning.. 5 stars!

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