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BioBag compostable dog waste poop bags – box of 40 bags 


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BioBag compostable dog poo poop waste bags – box of 40 bags

Pick up after your dog without worrying about the environment – these bags are fully compostable.

Do the right thing and remember to bring a roll of these bags with you when you are out walking your dog – and then please remember to pick up after your dog.
These bags comes in a box with 2 rolls with 20 bags on each – easy to re-fill the pouch your already got on your dog lead or bring them in your bag or pocket – just don’t leave the house without them when you go for a walk with your dog.

The BioBag dog waste bags will biodegrade within 10-45 days in a well-functioning composting environment.
The bags consist of biodegradable and compostable polyester, starch and vegetable oil.

Made in EU.


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