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Personalised Split Sistema Klip-It Container in green – 1L or 2L



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Personalised Split Sistema Klip-It Container lunch box in green –

1L or 2L

Perfect Sistema Klip-It container for snacks or lunch

The personalised 1L or 2L split Sistema containers are so useful for a lot of things.

With 2 different compartment they are both great for bringing to school or work – maybe use the 1L for snacks like chopped fruit, grapes etc and the 2L split for lunch.

They are both great for keeping chopped fruit/veggies in the fridge ready for lunches/dinner in the week ahead.

I got a few of the 2L containers and if I have to bring something for a bbq or to school etc then I bring my boxes which both says “Tea’s Box” on the lid – they always come back to me.

My kids got quite a few of them on their Lego table with different Lego in – perfect for storing.

Great in the shed for nuts and bolts – and if you got something permanently marked on the lid you will always know whats in them.

For craft material.

The 1L is perfect for sending chopped fruit to school or work –

BPA-free and dish-washer safe on top-shelf – and we only stock them in green.

Sistema products are designed and made in Auckland, NZ.

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