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Personalised Infoband

Got a child that keeps running away when you are out and about ? - or a child with allergies or special needs ?  - then the Infoband is a lifesave.

Write your mobile no, childs name and maybe allergy on a blank Infoband with a pen or you can get us to permanently mark it on the band (which I have done to my Infobands as I have a terrible handwriting) - keep it in your bag and pop it around your child's wrist when you are out - they cannot take it off - you need 2 hands to take it off.

I got one in my bag and puts it on my 4 year old every time we are in a shopping center, beach, big play-ground, big crowd etc - they are perfect for traveling as well - have a spare blank one for when you travel overseas so you can put your local number on. 

The Infoband can be used again and again.

Infoband™ is a cool ID wrist tag for young children. Produced from a soft, reusable and waterproof material, the name, contact details and / or vital medical information such as allergies or special needs will be permanently marked on the band.
With some groovy options, kids will love wearing their Infoband.

infoband™, a safety net for both children, parents and carers.

Size 192 x 22 x 5 mm

Infoband pink robot

Infoband pink robot

Infoband pink robot blank

Infoband pink robot blank