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Personalised Contigo West Loop Travel Mug

Personalised Contigo West Loop Travel Mug

Personalised Contigo West Loop Stainless Travel Mug

Perfect for anyone who don't always get around to drink their hot drink just after its made - or need to bring it to work etc.

It will be personalised/permanently marked on the top of the lid - perfect thank you gift for teachers etc., anyone who brings their coffee to work, as a personalised price to the winner of any competitions, Father's or Mother's Day etc. With name on it is also great to keep at your workplace as no one else will take it. 

Save money by bringing your own coffee to work instead of buying expensive take away coffee (also saves the plastic cups which just adds to landfill) - as it keeps warm up to 4 hours it will still be warm the first couple of hours at work.

As this cup is leak proof and also is an easy one-hand drinking cup it is perfect to take in the car (fits in most cup holders) and safe to have next to your computer as in case you do tip your tea/coffee cup over no damage is done (talking for personal experience as when I by accident pushed a cup of coffee into my laptop a couple of years ago it costed me a new laptop!) - it will also keep cold for up to 10 hours so great if you prefer cold water. 

Takes app 475ml of fluid. 

Dish washer safe on top shelf.