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Personalised Lifefactory glass bottle with flip lid - 475ml

Personalised Lifefactory glass bottle with flip lid - 475ml

Personalised Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle with flip lid - 475ml

For those that are concious and aware of what they are putting into their bodies and the environment then these BPA/BPS free, phthalate-free LifeFactory glass water bottles are perfect for you and the family.

Fill your glass bottle with everything from your morning healthy green smoothie, freshly squeezed juice or your healthy water options, with the wide mouth allowing room for fruit or ice-cubes or tea bags. The 475ml bottle fits perfectly in most car cup holders, making them the perfect bottle for on-the-go. The flip lid makes it the pefect walking or gym companion as it is easier to drink with it's upright spillproof sipping mouth. 

Pivoting handle makes it easier to carry and stow out of the way when not in use. Easily store in handbag, backpack or carry with the easy carry handle. 

With no leaching of plastics or metals giving you a greater peace of mind. Made of glass and silicone outer cover to protect, and provides a non-slip grip it's the perfect bottle for you for home or on-the-go and great for the whole family. BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free and also dishwasher safe. Medical grade silicone for the lid and outer protective layer.

Get your bottle permanently personalised with your name or message to ensure it stays with you and never gets lost or in the wrong hands. Name My Stuff has a range of simple solutions for the whole family that can be permently personalised to ensure that they are not lost, saving you money.

Please note; not 100% leakproof if tipped upside down. Should be kept upright to avoid leakage.